Ayang Cempaka x Pipiltin Cocoa

I am sooo excited to announce the collaboration debut of @ayangcempaka X @pipiltincocoa . The front wrappers features my artwork for the single origin Tabanan Bali, Nibs and Macadamia Nut. These Ayang Cempaka series bars will be available exclusively at Pipiltin Cocoa stores at Barito & Senopati beginning next Monday, and everywhere else soon after! […]

Ayang Cempaka x Sare Studio

I am a huuuuggge fan of pajamas and a fan of @sarestudio (I have the black Marisa and currently wear it while writing this!) So, about last year, when @sarestudio asked for a collaboration, I definitely said YES in a heartbeat! ✨❤️ you can find and purchase our sarestudioXayangcempaka collection via website www.sarestudio.com

Ayang Cempaka x Lima

Lima with Ayang Cempaka . This is a collaboration project between Lima Watch and Ayang Cempaka, an Indonesian illustrator living in Dubai. . She creates illustrations that are characterized by their vintage feel, bright hues, and whimsical paint strokes. . This edition is limited to 10 pcs only. . Price IDR 2 million. Visit www.limawatch.com […]

Ayang Cempaka x Transjakarta

Illustrations on public transport Drawing on a real bus(es) sound unrealistic. But hey! I did it! Ayang Cempaka for @pt_transjakarta ❤️💪🏽 Note : ini busnya udah jalan lhooo, jurusan ancol & ragunan 😆 Ayang Cempaka for Transjakarta bus koridor 5 to Ancol. It’s so cute I wanna cry!!!! 😭 Ayang Cempaka for Transjakarta, koridor 6 […]

Ayang Cempaka x Cotton Ink

Today is THE DAY!! Head to @cottonink website to find my collaboration pieces with this coolest fashion local brand in Indonesia. They look really amazing, I want them for myself 😭 and for price wise, range from AED 75 to AED 107, they are considered very affordable!! Watch my IG Live with @ria.sarwono , co-founder […]

Ayang Cempaka x L’occitane

I’m so excited to finally share this dream project with @loccitanede ! . I adore L’occitane cute stores, their packaging, and I can’t think about L’occitane without imagining of Southern France, Lavender field, yellow Mimosa, natural baskets, and their pretty bicycle with basket in the front full of flowers. I always have something with France […]

Ayang Cempaka x Wardah

So happy to finally announce that for the first time, I am collaborating with @wardahbeauty for Wardah x Ayang Cempaka Special Edition! Not only special because this is my first time partnering with Wardah, but it’s so super special because we are working together on a good cause! This collaboration is to support Breast Cancer […]

Ayang Cempaka x Google

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Check, what’s Google Doodle of the day in Indonesia!!! I have been enjoying and admiring Google Doodle for years, and it’s been my long time dream to become a Google guest artist. So when @hulloitslydia from @google USA emailed me, asking if I was interested to draw for one of the […]

Ayang Cempaka x Simply Nuts

Illustrations for packaging design Last year, I had to create 4 illustrations for @welovesimplynuts packaging design, inspired by animals and forest in Benin 🇧🇯, a country in West Africa where they source the cashew nuts from. I had to complete all four illustrations in just less than 4 weeks! This is one of my personal […]