Ayang Cempaka x Pipiltin Cocoa

I am sooo excited to announce the collaboration debut of @ayangcempaka X @pipiltincocoa . The front wrappers features my artwork for the single origin Tabanan Bali, Nibs and Macadamia Nut. These Ayang Cempaka series bars will be available exclusively at Pipiltin Cocoa stores at Barito & Senopati beginning next Monday, and everywhere else soon after! #ayangcempaka#pipiltincocoa

Styling : @ditut

The 60% Tabanan Bali. Inspired by the Balinese majestic flora and fauna. Huge banyan trees, swaying palms, the versatile bamboo, acacia trees and flowers. Frangipani, Bougenvillea, Jasmine, Hibiscus, and hundreds variety of orchids are found in many front yards and gardens, along roads, and in temple grounds. In the day to day life flowers are routinely used as decorations in temples, on statues, as offerings for the Gods and during prayers. And birds!!! Many species of birds – with the noisy chorus of crickets – you can find in Bali such as the Kepodang, Kipasan, and Kutilang. One particularly endangered bird species is the Bali Starling.

And flower, flower, flower for 70% Tabanan Bali. These @ayangcempaka X @pipiltincocoa Tabanan Bali bar series sold as Limited Edition sets of 300 only.


Illustration : @ayangcempaka

Photographer : @ditut
Stylist : @ditut & moi

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