Ayang Cempaka x Google

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Check, what’s Google Doodle of the day in Indonesia!!!

I have been enjoying and admiring Google Doodle for years, and it’s been my long time dream to become a Google guest artist.

So when @hulloitslydia from @google USA emailed me, asking if I was interested to draw for one of the Doodle, of course I said YES!!

This is definitely a dream come true!

For Sariamin Ismail’s 112th Birthday.

She was one of only a handful of Indonesian women authors to be published at all during the colonial period, condemning polygamy. She often uses the pseudonyms Selasih and Seleguri, or a combination of the two names Selasih Seleguri, to avoid persecution from local authorities.

She is wearing a traditional Minangkabau traditional fabric called ‘Songket’ as her clothes and a headdress called ‘Tingkuluak’.

The foliage are inspired by Sariamin’s popular name, Selasih or Basil plants.

Thank you for having me @google@googleindonesia@hulloitslydia ♥️♥️


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